CEO Summits

The CEO Summits are at the heart of the Delphi Network. Summits are events we craft (on demand) for our members on topics they wish to explore to perform their jobs better. Events are confidential, so our public web offering is restricted to an anonymized sample.

Since the launch we have done or are scheduling the following Summits

How to improve B2B sales: April 19, May 12, June 1. (See sample report just below).
Reaching the consumer (for B2B firms): April 19
Coke in Japan: with CFO Marco Araujo May 17
Lessons from Suntory in becoming more innovative: May 18
Learning from a digital native: with Hannes Graah of Spotify June 9
Dealing with new overtime restrictions (aimed at professional services firms) with Anderson Mori’s Kenichi Sadaka June 25

Who might best run a foreign company in Japan? At this P-MBA, leading executives from Intel, Electrolux, Standard Chartered and DHL discussed the reasons for the outperformance of certain international companies in Japan, what Japanese executives can add in terms of local knowledge, but also how important it is to be steeped in the Western company’s philosophy and communicate it to Japanese staff. One attendee also warned about...

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Losing customer trust is every CEO’s nightmare. Whether it’s a crash-prone airline, Toyota (unfairly in retrospect) on the verge of ignominy after the “unintended acceleration” crisis, toxic eggs in the European food chain, poisoned dumplings in Japan…every company knows that the regulator and a panic-stricken public will be intent on ferocious punishment. At this P-MBA, ¬†crisis experts Ross Rowbury of...

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