Member Benefits

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Members benefit from:
– psychological safety
up-to-date, invaluable business know-how
– career enhancing learning
long-term, strong relationships
– peer support
the equivalent of an MBA in Japanese business practices
– if you are a premium member, the undivided attention and experience of Rosie and Dan to make sure you meet the right people for the information you need. We are a group for expat and locally hired country managers. Foreign country managers have a poor track record in Japan, often because
they do not have access to CEO knowhow, due to high turnover and language deficiencies. By pooling the resources of The Delphi Network, members can access the information and case studies they need to become successful. They get to access real-time, dynamic information shared by CEOs as their Japan business journey unfolds.
We provide information which is uncontaminated by conflicts of interest.
We do not introduce people to members because they are paying us commission.
We do not do sponsored events, where we get payments to push a certain agenda.
Our only income is from the membership fee, which is a unique arrangement in Tokyo,and builds the trust members need to use the information they receive with confidence.
We work with one trusted recruiter CEO only.
Other members are generally not vendors of services or consultants, and if they are, adhere to our code of not doing pushy sales.
Our members are good people, smart, curious, reliable, kind. You will will enjoy meeting them and they are generous with their insights.
Members get insights from a rich mix of business sectors, services and manufacturing.
Members come from the US and Europe primarily, with a smattering of Japanese.