Code of Conduct

Delphi Network’s Code of Conduct

The Delphi Network is only as good as its members – and its directors.

We have decided to articulate some of our principles to indicate what kind of network we are. Everything flows from the fact that we aim to establish significant person-to-person relationships, not just corporate relationships. We believe that in Japan, personal relationships are particularly important for personal and business success.

The Code:

  • Members do not treat their fellow members merely as potential customers, but as future friends.
  • Members treat each other with honesty and integrity.
  • Members help each other where possible and go that extra mile.
  • Members treat each encounter with other members as confidential unless otherwise stated.
  • Members recommend only people they know and trust.
  • Members take a long term view of the relationships with their fellow DN members.
  • Members are open and generous with information which might benefit other members.

The directors pledge that:

  • The information and introductions they provide their members are the best available, not incentivized by commission payments, sponsorship or other opaque/distorting ties.
  • They will not charge commission on deals they facilitate. Their only source of income is the membership fee
  • They will keep member information and event discussions confidential.
  • An effective (to the extent possible given our resources) screening process is in place for new members. Our business model is based on a restricted and exclusive membership model where mutual value increases over time.