Vaccines and Resilience

Posted By on Mar 10, 2023 in Events |

We have DN member Dr Stephane Perrey, Japan, NZ and Australia General Manager for Cytiva. Cytiva supplies the products and services which the big names rely on to produce the vaccines, meaning Stephane had a unique perspective.

“COVID shook our lives, limiting our freedom, hurting the economy, leaving an ugly death toll and deep societal scars. But It could have been worse,” says Stephane.

Stephane will share his first-hand experience in the race to manufacture at gigantic scale the tests, therapies and vaccines to tame the pandemic.

From there, we will discuss the resilience of the world and Japan for the next one, currently germinating in some laboratory, animal, or cave…

As ever, this will be interactive, deep-dive and conform to Chatham House rules.