Understanding how to understand culture as a Japan CEO

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Delphi Lunch Salon – Understanding how to understand culture as a CEO in Japan. 

Cost: 5,000 members; 7,000 non-members. The excellent Andaz “bento” box, will be service, as well as tea, coffee and dessert. 

Speaker: Roger Pulvers

Profile: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roger_Pulvers


The issue of “culture” is a difficult one for gaishikei CEOs in Japan – especially when they are trying to convey the challenges of Japanese culture to Head Office. 

When getting grilled by the company chairman about the Japan subsidiary’s (low) margins, (slow) execution, (small) market share and (risk-averse) decision making, it is difficult for the CEO to articulate just how different Japan is, especially to a board of executives who have never visited or do not really care. 

To help alleviate this stress, Japan’s most esteemed non-Japanese novelist, playwright, translator, artist and intellectual Roger Pulvers will explain that Japan has indeed had an especially unique and isolated development, which has led to an idiosyncratic interpretation of the building blocks which make us human, such as time, love, power and gender. 

Bringing to bear his vast knowledge of Japan, Australia, America, Russia and Eastern Europe,  he will also speak on “meta” level about “culture” and how it is often overlooked or neglected. Indeed, it more fashionable today to insist on commonalities rather than differences. 

“It is often said that culture rides on the back of economics, but the truth is the exact opposite,” says Roger. 

The more deeply and imaginatively you understand Japanese culture, the sharper will be your management skills here,” he continues. 

This DN Salon will help alleviate any CEO’s anxiety about how to convey cogently the concept of culture to HO. 

Date: November 22, 2019

Time: 12-1.45pm

Location: The Kitchen Table, (private room) in The Tavern (lobby Restaurant) Andaz Hotel, Toranomon Hills 

1-23-4, Toranomon, Minato-ku
Tokyo,  Japan, 105-0001

Tel: +81 3 6830 1234