The Moral Imperative?

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Join us for a Zoom meeting to understand how your brand needs to “step up” if you want to survive Covid 19.

Our speaker is Ross Rowbury CEO of Edelman, one of Japan’s leading communications experts and authority on doing business in Japan.

Ross will take us through the latest iteration of the Edelman Trust Barometer. In this case, the Trust Barometer looks at how consumers are judging brands’ response to Covid 19. The study looks at 10 countries, including China, to figure out how consumers are re-shaping their shopping habits.

The study shows clearly that if you let down the consumer, if you are perceived as exploitative, insincere, selfish or frivolous, the consumer will move elsewhere.

Therefore, the first thing your company must demonstrate is that it is a “moral” company. Are you looking after your staff, or firing people and bullying your suppliers for lower prices? Are you raising prices on key products? Or, are you making sure your staff, clients and broader business eco-system are safe and well-cared for?

The study also suggests that the world is going retro – seeking refuge in the same authority figures our parents listened to and respected in the pre-TV, pre-Internet age…indeed, no longer are consumers allowing themselves to be hypnotized by glamorous actors, freaks of all kind, comedians and ‘talentos’ etc.

Now, the most trusted channels are the serious ones: doctors, researchers, professors, people with long titles and many letters behind their names – all the people that recent populist movements have tended to dismiss.

In terms of your communications channels be warned: You may have set up the world’s’ funkiest and addictive digital media platforms but Ross will show that it’s time to jump off the social media bandwagon.

Now, your CEO or Chairperson (not your PR or marketing executive) needs to appear in the heavyweight media. Only thereby will he or she regain or increase trust in the brand and position the brand as part of the solution.

This is an essential event for anyone who wishes to ensure their brand is still there after the crisis is over.

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