FINAL Reminder: F2F Delphi Salon w/Franz Waldenberger – Japan Inc’s Outlook for 2021

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DELPHI F2F SALON (limited attendance)

Title: Business and Economic Outlook for 2021 w/Franz Waldenberger, Director, DIJ

Sub-title: How well are Japanese businesses and the country’s economy responding to COVID 19?

Intro: Our speaker combines expertise in both the macro economy and Japanese business. He will give an entertaining and essential overview of Japan Inc’s strategy to cope with the pandemic.

Japan’s economy is powerful enough to generate tens of billions of extra dollar value every year. However, COVID 19 has been a tremendous shock to the governing class as well as its consumers, SMEs and MNCs.

Any successful economy needs to continuously adjust to keep up with domestic requirements, and the evolving international dimension. Yet it is precisely in ‘adjustment’ where Japan needs to show it can shine, given the sense by many observers that it is an economy whose companies and elite bureaucrats prefer to live off past glories, rather than to venture into risky new areas.

For example, despite their importance to running the country, both at the Bank of Japan and the political nexus of Kasumigaseki, the IT infrastructure was so poor as to make ‘working from home’ unrealizable. The private sector, especially the vast SME sector, also showed a reliance on time consuming, analog working practices which hampered the country’s recovery.

The stakes are high. A quick return to normal in 2021 has not occurred. The Establishment’s low-key lockdowns indicate it wants to ignore the virus as much as possible. But while worrying about economic damage is legitimate, leaders must come up with new models and practices which keep workers and consumers safe.

Any gaishikei CEO will find this exposition of Japan’s policies in 2021 essential for thinking about his or her own decision-making.

Please note numbers will be strictly limited.

Date: January 22

Time: 8-930am

Fee: 5,000 yen for members; 7,000 yen for non-members. A breakfast of coffee, fresh juices, teas, cheeses, charcuterie, fruit, wholewheat bread and croissants/Danish, muesli and yogurt will be served.

Where: Kitchen Table, private room, 51F of the Andaz Hotel at Toranomon Hills, adjacent to the Tavern restaurant.

1-23-4, Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 105-0001

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