“Vacuuming up the Yen” with Gordon “Dyson” Thom

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How Thom built Dyson in Japan, and now plans to kill it…

DN Salon (location details below intro) 

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Title: “Vacuuming” up the yen in Japan
Speaker: Gordon Thom, GM, Shark Japan (also founder of Nobasu Consulting) 
Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/gordonthom/
Website: https://www.shark.co.jp/

Who would have thought it? 
Japan’s vacuum cleaner market is one of the most thriving and dynamic in the world. 

Japanese consumers have no problem paying 30% more than in other countries for the best items. That encourages manufacturers (at least the smart ones) to focus their energies on making a Japan-only product – which spurs on further market growth. 

DN member Gordon Thom played a major part in generating this market when he became the first GM of Dyson in Japan and drove it spectacular growth. 

The Dyson boom kicks-tarted a wave of interest in high-tech vacuum cleaners, whether robotic, cordless, “cyclone” or stick shaped. Dyson now has 20% of a 250 billion yen market which is growing in the high single digitsNot bad, especially considering  founder James Dyson was skeptical of the Japan market…

For Gordon, the lesson was clear: make the consumer what she (usually!) wants, and she’ll reward you. And don’t be put off by the “demographics”, “national debt” or other rather theoretical problems often cited for being absent in the Japanese market by the bean counters back at HQ…

His current role is introducing a “Dyson Killer” into Japan, namely Shark. Shark is huge in the US, but has almost no presence offshore. Gordon is thus in charge of an important plank of their international expansion. 

Gordon will share his strategy for taking a completely unknown brand to Japan. His priceless experience over many decades in Japan’s cut-throat consumer market will be relevant to any CEO. He will discuss how and when to use Japan’s expensive but effective TV advertising, how to ensure efficient distribution, find the right partner – and above all, make a splash with Japan’s fiercely discerning consumers by presenting them with a carefully thought out and localized product. 

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