The Media, Policy and Covid 19: How Did We Get Here? With Dr Paul J. Scalise

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What happened? How did we get here? Millions of people are facing serious challenges. Governments are facing historic falls in output, budget deficits, consumption, and tax revenue. The many living closer to the absolute poverty line in supply chain hubs like India, Africa and SE Asia will suffer more.

How did we get here?

Dr Paul Scalise, an internationally renowned expert on ‘framing’ will illustrate the extreme reaction to Covid 19 on a historical basis and advance theories on how we analyzed Covid 19, and how this influenced governmental policy and individual decisions.

Framing is an academic term which refers to how we interpret the world around us. Whether it’s to understand one’s personal place in the world or Covid 19, it relies on giving ‘salience’ to certain aspects over others. This is because we tend to collect evidence and then adapt new evidence to an existing understanding we have of our environment. So the frame we choose is more revealing in terms of what it says about us than the issue under observation – indeed, Paul will show how identical events were interpreted in opposite ways in the media, depending on which part of the political spectrum they are on and/or on their business models.

Any business leader wanting to understand the process which led to so many disastrous decisions across the world, will find this an essential event.

Dr. Scalise is that rare person, a man in love with learning mixed with moral courage. In the 10 years I have known him, he has never bowed to political or economic fads, always insisting on commenting on the world as he interprets it. Paul has had a brilliant career in banking and academia; and speaks Spanish, German, Japanese, Italian, German and French. But it is his independence of mind which gives him his true value as a commentator.

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The Media, Policy and Covid 19: How Did We Get Here?

With Dr Paul J. Scalise

When: 3pm, July 10 (Friday)

Where: Zoom – a link will be sent at 2.50pm.

Who: Dr Paul J. Scalise


Cost: 2,000 members; 5,000 members

Length: 40 minute presentation, 35 minutes Q&A