Delphi Special on Abe’s resignation, with Michael Penn SNA

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What Next?

We have just lost Japan’s longest-serving prime minister. What next?

Hopefully, Japan does not go back to the pre-Abe era, characterised by debt, deflation and demographic crisis, not to mention a ‘revolving door’ of mediocre and interchangeable prime ministers.

But in the short term, we must worry about deputy-PM Taro Aso taking over as interim leader. He is a fiscal hawk under the sway of the Ministry of Finance, and he could reverse the economic easing measures implemented by Abe, many of which are up for review in the next few weeks, but which many business people are desperate to see continue.

Japan has a UK-style system, meaning that it is the election of the leader of the majority party who becomes Prime Minister. Subsequently, an election is usually called. But given the lack of a credible political opposition, it is the power struggle within the different factions of the LDP which will be more significant.

Any CEO wishing to understand the implications of this political turning point should attend this event, with one of the leading commentators in Tokyo.

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