Delphi Hybrid B2C CEO Coffee (Zoom + F2F)

Posted By on Sep 7, 2020 in Events |

You are welcome to come to the FCCJ for the F2F component. Please let me know, and I will meet you on the 5F of the FCCJ

We will keep the meeting short and sharp, only 45 minutes. The meeting follows Chatham House rules.

NEW INFORMATION: Somebody asked if there was going to be a speaker. The answer is ‘no’. This is a roundtable discussion for benchmarking/threat anticipation/best practice sharing.

This retail group encompasses luxury, skin care, luggage, chocolates, bananas, super stores, sun glasses, fast food, pasta, fashion, flash photography, organic food, yoghurt, watches and jewelry, italian food, kitchen equipment, candy, apparel, haute couture, baked goods, dairy, perfume, carbonated drinks…etc.

One a month there will be a pure f2f breakfast or lunch. Speakers will also occasionally be brought in.