Computer coding may be binary (1/0) but cyber security is not.

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Adult Dosage of Clomid Speaker: William Saito. William is a successful entrepreneur and VC, an IT expert and inventor, and a senior government adviser – a remarkable trifecta. His bio is here:

Like the debate on guns in the US, there is no consensus on whether encryption and hacking are a good or bad thing. This damages the prospect of a safe and interconnected digital world.

On the one hand, the US president was installed with hacking help from Russia (whether knowingly is being investigated currently). The cyber attack Wannacry damaged national health systems. These two events represent an escalation of traditional data breaches, which result in companies “losing” the details of their users.

On the other hand, the state security apparatus installs deliberate flaws in communications devices, so that it can spy on “terrorists”. Some people also believe that Wikileaks and other groups which exploit government cyber security usefully illuminate the gap between the public utterances of our leaders and their authentic motivation.

Until this debate about the desirability of universal, strong encryption is resolved, losses will worsen, just like gun deaths in the US.

In the meantime, our vulnerability is growing. We may fear losing control of our PC today, but tomorrow we might be poisoned by our fridges, kidnapped by our houses, electrocuted by our lighting system, scalded by the plumbing or driven to death by our cars. This may sound like bad comedy…but you should imagine the worst, given that one toymaker exposed the records and details of communications between children and parents via a digitally enabled cuddly toy.

The IT industry takes no responsibility for these occurrences. That is what you agree to when you click on the “terms & conditions” of the app you are using. The industry believes that speed, innovation and growth trump security. The mantra “fail fast, fail early and fix it later” is too deeply embedded, despite its escalating costs.

Governments flinch at the cost and in any case, quite like spying on their own citizens and foreign foes. In the UK, every terrorist attacks sees not just human rights being rolled back, but also privacy rights.

Nor do governments want to tangle with wealth-creating super firms.

To guide us through this “Twilight Zone”, we are fortunate to have the brilliant William Saito as our speaker. William is a successful entrepreneur and VC, an IT expert and inventor, and a senior government adviser – a remarkable trifecta. His bio is here:

Who should attend this event? Anyone with a PC or mobile phone!

Date: July 19, 7pm-8.30pm
Location: TBC
Cost: 7,000 yen

Email us at if you would like to be invited.

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